Tarragona Street

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Tarragona Street
South end: Main Street
Garden Street
North end: North of Texar Drive

<googlemap lat="30.430618" lon="-87.214622" type="map" width="288" height="250">

  1. 758bc5

30.40808, -87.211672 30.409477, -87.211983 30.414289, -87.213013 30.419905, -87.214279 30.42836, -87.216275

  1. 758bc5

30.431247, -87.216747 30.439776, -87.218678

  1. 758bc5

30.441339, -87.218088 30.444077, -87.21856 30.448174, -87.219397 </googlemap>

Tarragona Street is a north-south street in downtown Pensacola. Tarragona Street is named for the Spanish city of the same name.

The street is present on the 1812 Pintado plan, where it is labelled Calle de Tarragona.

Tarragona's southern terminus is at Main Street just north of the Port of Pensacola and the bay; from there it travels northerly uninterrupted to Blount Street, at which point it is interrupted for three blocks, resuming at Avery Street and traveling northerly uninterrupted to Cross Street. Tarragona is interrupted between Cross and Crescent Drive, resuming at Crescent and traveling northerly uninterrupted to its northern terminus, just north of Texar Drive.