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The City Clerk of the City of Pensacola is the custodian of the official records of the City. The current City Clerk is Ericka L. Burnett.

The Clerk has a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Recording minutes of all meetings of the Pensacola City Council or its committees
  • Preparing and distributing City Council agendas
  • Supervising municipal elections
  • Supervising annual elections for City employees
  • Coordinates citizen appointments to various boards, authorities and commissions of the City of Pensacola
  • Signs and seals all official City documents

Clerks of the City of Pensacola[edit]

Service Name
?-1903 W. C. Jones
1903-1905 Cheever L. Shine
1905 B. S. Bernard
1905-1906 Clifton E. Merritt
1906-1912 L. G. Aymard
1912-1915 Adrian Ernest Langford
1915-1917 C. W. Eggart
1917-1918 L. E. Hembry
1918-1919 J. O. Walker
1919-1922 Leopold E. Heinberg
1922-1958 John E. Frenkel
1958-1967 Charles H. Walker
1967-1968 Clayton H. Lewis
1968-1972 Kenneth K. Conrey
1972-1977 J. H. Thornton, Jr.
1977-1979 Jack C. Tuttle
1979-1987 Pauline Johns
1987-2006 Shirley F. White
2006-present Ericka Burnett