Florida Blanca Street

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Florida Blanca Street
north end: Chase Street
south end: Near Bayfront Parkway

<googlemap lat="30.41204" lon="-87.207584" zoom="15" width="288" height="275">

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30.415427, -87.208786 30.408839, -87.207327 </googlemap>

Florida Blanca Street, occasionally corrupted to Florida Blanco Street, is a north-south street in downtown Pensacola. It runs from Chase Street southerly to the Bay, terminating in a cul-de-sac just north of Bayfront Parkway.

It is likely named for the José Moñino y Redondo, conde de Floridablanca, the Spanish prime minister who prosecuted the war against Britain that returned Pensacola to Spanish rule.

British Pensacola[edit]

In British Pensacola, what is now Florida Blanca Street was called York Street.[1]


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