William Capers Barrineau

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W. C. Barrineau
Born April 28, 1868
Williamsburg County, South Carolina
Died July 27, 1942
Spouse Julia Katherine Dean
Gamma Anderson
Parents Charles Reed & Elizabeth Scott Britton Barrineau
Children Anna Elizabeth, Marie Britton, William Capers and Katy Barrineau

William Capers Barrineau (1868-1942) was a naval stores magnate turned agribusiness innovator who developed the area now known as Barrineau Park. He also served many terms on the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners and at least twice as its chairman, from 1913-1917 and again in 1929.

Born in South Carolina, Barrineau moved to southwest Georgia in 1889, where he conducted naval stores business for several years. In 1900 he purchased a tract of 11,000 acres (later increased) in northern Escambia County, which he used for its timber and to create turpentine. He conducted his turpentine business with his brothers, C. H. Barrineau and C. R. Barrineau, and was heavily invested in the Williams Naval Stores Company.

As the land was expended of trees, Barrineau redeveloped much of it as farmland. He established an estate of about 500 acres for himself and sold parcels of about 40 acres each to more than fifty immigrant families, most of them from Hungary, who sold their produce through a cooperative marketing plan. The community became known as Barrineau Park.

In addition to his naval stores and farming interests, he was a stockholder in the T. G. Britton Mercantile Company in Molino and a director of the Pensacola Dry Goods Company. He also entered into his brother's brickyard, the Build With Brick Plant.

He was a Mason, a member of the Blue Lodge, and a Shriner.