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AAF Pensacola is the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation, often called simply "AdFed." It is part of the AAF's 4th District, which includes more than 2,000 members in 20+ local ad clubs, AD2 clubs and college chapters in Florida and the Caribbean.

Every year the organization presents the local ADDY Awards. Gold ADDY winners proceed to compete at the district level. Other events and programs include an Advertising Auction fundraiser and a public service campaign to benefit a charitable non-profit.


Although records show a "Greater Pensacola Advertising Club" being established in the fall of 1958,[1] it is not extant. The current incarnation was incorporated as the West Florida Advertising Council on November 9, 1983. It has changed names several times over the years: to the West Florida Advertising Federation on August 25, 1999; to the Pensacola Bay Area Advertising Federation (similar to the Chamber's renaming) on March 18, 2004; and to the current name on July 22, 2009.

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