User Assumes Risk

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User Assumes Risk
Userassumes risk live.jpg
User Assumes Risk performing live at the Handlebar in 2008
Origin Pensacola, FL
Genres Post-Industrial
Power Electronics
Years Active 2004-Present
Members Lemmie Crews

User Assumes Risk (or [user assumes risk]) is a one-man Pensacola Florida based aggrotech project that draws influence from industrial acts such as Mentallo and The Fixer, Clock Dva, Throbbing Gristle and Coil. Their sound is a blend of drum and bass, industrial, found samples and a healthy amount of technology. It is one of the few active industrial and aggrotech projects to recently emerge from the Pensacola scene, although the project itself has been around for over five years.


The band's style has been compared to that of Coil and Combichrist, often making liberal use of drum loops and synthesizers. The sound is generally progressive and deep layered much like Dark House, creating a foreboding atmosphere.

Their avant-garde stage show is described as a type of morbid eroticism that often involves the use of light and shadows, and is performed by a group of supporting actresses in costume and makeup referred to as the daughters of fodder. Previous shows have included the use of shadow boxes and cage-like contraptions which are often contructed by the artist himself.[1] Crews often takes on the persona of "Puppetmaster" during his live performances; often masked and standing at a pulpit like stand which houses his musical equipment, much like a preacher.

An example of the group's innovativeness during live performances occurred in early 2009, when the band's fog machine triggered the venue's smoke alarm, prompting Crews to compensate for the alarm's added noise by creating a feedback wave from his own equipment, thus cancelling out the disruption.

The band often plays shows at the Handlebar and has made an appearance at Sluggo's. They have performed alongside regional gulf coast groups such as Mooseknuckle Sandwich, Finite Automata and Consortium of Genius.


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