Twin Air Drive-In

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The Twin Air (or Twinair) Drive-In was a drive-in movie theater located at 3910 Navy Boulevard that featured dual screens and capacity for nearly 1,000 cars. Opening on October 28, 1952, it was a development of Gulf States Theatres and among the nation's first multi-screen drive-ins, which Gulf States president T. G. Solomon claimed was inspired by the birth of his own twin children. "The arrival of the twins … was a surprise, as we were expecting but one child. At that point, I decided I would start building twin drive-in theatres rather than single ones."[1]

The Twin Air was also an early adopter of the wider CinemaScope screens, which were originally built from wood pilings-and-frame. After multiple hurricanes and tornadoes, they were replaced with all-steel construction.

A small house was situated in the middle of the drive-in, where the manager could live.

The theater closed in (date needed).


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