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Template usage:


This is an optional parameter, if it is not supplied the template will read without terms listed.

An optional parameter, image_has_rationale is available; if it is set to yes, the text at the bottom of the template requesting that the uploader provide a fair use rationale is removed.

An optional parameter, image_is_of_living_person is available; if it is set to no, the text detailing the fair use policy as applicable to images of living persons and commercial reuse of the image is removed.


Copyright undetermined

This is a copyrighted image that has been released by an individual, company or organization to promote their work or product in the media, such as advertising material, studio portraits ("head shots") or other promotional imagery as part of a press kit.

The copyright for it is most likely owned by the company who created the promotional item or the artist who produced the item in question; you must provide evidence of such ownership. Lack of such evidence is grounds for deletion.

It is believed that the use of some images of promotional material to illustrate:

  • the person(s), product, event, or subject in question
  • where the image is unrepeatable, i.e. a free image could not be created to replace it
  • on Pensapedia hosted on servers in the United States,

qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Any Other usage of this image, on Pensapedia or elsewhere, might be copyright infringement. See Pensapedia:Non-free content.

Additionally, the copyright holder may have granted permission for use in works such as Pensapedia or Wikipedia. However, if they have, this permission likely does not fall under a free license.

Warning sign

Please note that our policy prefers the use of free-licensed images of living people above copyrighted images used under fair use. Commercial third-party reusers of this image should consider whether their use is in violation of the subject's publicity rights.
To the uploader: This tag should only be used for images of a person, product, or event that is known to have come from a press kit or similar source, for the purpose of reuse by the media. Please add a detailed fair use rationale as described on Wikipedia:Image description page, as well as the source of the image and copyright information. Additionally, if the copyright holder has granted permission, please provide further details as to the terms.