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Tannenheim, taken during a June 15, 2002 auction
Building Information
Location Highway 4A, Century
Architect Louis Kamper
Client Frank J. Hecker
Current Owner Toy Arnett
Completion Date 1904
Size Two stories
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.981804" lon="-87.268009" zoom="14" width="300" height="250">

30.985179, -87.275841 Tannenheim </googlemap>

Tannenheim (German for "fir tree home") is a historic mansion located along County Road 4A in Century that was built in 1904 by Colonel Frank J. Hecker of the Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company. Hecker hired architect Louis Kamper to design the home for his son, Frank C. Hecker, who was sent to the mill town to mind the family's business interests.

The 360-acre estate passed from Hecker, who had no children of his own, to one of his wife Susie's relatives, Johnnie Hare, who lived with his wife in the caretaker's house until Hecker's death. In 1995, Hare had just signed over the deed to the estate to Jack Neal when he reportedly "keeled over and died" in the attorney's office.

Neal's plans to restore the house and the Alger-Sullivan mill fell through, and the estate was foreclosed upon and went up for auction in June 2002. It was divvied up into several parcels, and Toy Arnett purchased the home and 40 acres of adjoining property.


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