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Wish we had better info — like who originally owned the store, for example. Also, the PNJ says 1946 in one article and 1947 in another. The reference point "53 years" (from 1999) is used in several articles though. --Admin 07:45, 28 September 2007 (CDT)

  • By the way, I don't suppose you'd be willing to shill out your library card info so I can check out this resource? I don't have a card and I won't be able to get one until at least next week. If not that's totally understandable :-P... dcosson ··· talk 09:05, 28 September 2007 (CDT)
  • A 2005 Inweekly articles references 58 years, which would make it a vote for 1947. dcosson ··· talk 09:17, 28 September 2007 (CDT)

Pics outdated, Links to "official site" and "menu & prices" no longer work[edit]

The link to their "official site" and "menu and prices" no longer work, just takes you to a page that says "this domain may be for sale". Apparently either they no longer have a website or forgot to renew their domain name. Or they're building a new site and haven't released it into the wild yet. Whatever the case, I searched the web for an official web page, and the only thing I could find was their Facebook page, which looks to be legit and regularly updated. So, I'm removing the old links to their now-defunct "official site", and replacing it with one to their Facebook page.

Also, the interior and exterior pics are outdated. J's has recently installed a new sign, here's a link to it on Flick: Unfortunately, this is not my picture, and I don't have the rights to post it on the actual page for J's here on Pensapedia. I've also recently seen the inside, and it looks a bit different now, though I don't have any pics of it on hand. I'm going to leave the old pics up for now, but I'm going to put a side note on them that they are outdated.