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Fire discrepancies[edit]

I have seen in several sources the building which stood at Tarragona and Intendencia from 1870-1881 referred to as the third building on that site; however, according to Lelia Abercrombie's "Early Churches of Pensacola" (p. 454), the 1858 fire damaged but did not destroy the building. Are they simply calling the repaired building a second building or was there some previous event?

More importantly, there is a conflict of dates regarding the second fire. One source, F. W. Hoskins' "History of Methodism in Pensacola" (p.77), says the second fire took place in 1864. However, Lelia Abercrombie's "Early Churches of Pensacola" (p.454) puts the date at 1862. — dscossontalk  15:50, 21 December 2008 (UTC)