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Worth noting is that while undergoing a re-roofing Project the white membrane and small white "pebbles" were mistaken by seashore birds as a "beach surface". The birds proceeded to nest on the Bayfront Auditorium's new roofing to lay eggs. The EPA (or some environmental agency that got wind of it?) did the approperiate thing and temporarily stopped construction until the eggs could hatch and the birds could fly away on their own in a natural course of time.

Missing concerts[edit]

I found several events are missing in your list. I saw Brenda Lee and Gene Chandler (Duke of Earl) at Bayfront. Also how could you miss Bob Snow's grand opening of Seville Quarter by bringing in the Dukes of Dixieland and having a jazz festival which ended with a jazz funeral march by the band and the attendees to Seville Quarter behind a horse drawn hurst? I am guessing there are others as well. That grand ol' lady hosted some really great shows over the years. I even had my high school graduation at Bayfront! Pensacola High School - Class of 1962.

Lewis Fulk