Sunday Driver

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Sunday Driver
Origin Pensacola, FL
Genres Cover
Southern Rock
Funk Rock
Influences Drive By Truckers, Tom Petty, 311, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall Out Boy
Years Active 2008-Present
Labels unsigned
Members Bobby Claud
Mike Burns
Brenden Packer
Kyle Waldon
Former Members Justin Allen

Sunday Driver is a Pensacola based rock band. Started in May of 2008, Sunday Driver is currently ranked on as the #1 Rock, Southern Rock, and Funk band for 100 miles from Pensacola. The original lineup consisted of Kyle Waldon on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Justin Allen on lead guitar and vocals, Brenden Packer on drums, and Mike Burns on bass guitar. In August of 2008, Allen left the band to pursue other projects in an amicable split. The slot was later filled by lead guitar player Bobby Claud.

Sunday Driver started as a cover band playing everything from Don Henley and Rolling Stones to Better Than Ezra and Matchbox Twenty to Snoop Dogg and Stevie Wonder. The wide variety of music performed has led Sunday Driver to many stages in the regional area. The band began pre-production of their yet-to-be-named EP in October of 2008, with a planned spring release date.