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Charles Perry Mason

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| subject_name =Charles Perry Mason
| image_name =CPMason 1940.jpg
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| date_of_birth =[[January 12]], [[1891]]
| place_of_birth =Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
| date_of_death =[[August 13]], [[1971]]
| place_of_death =Pensacola
| occupation =Naval officer, politician
| religion =
| spouse =[[Ralphine Fisher Mason|Ralphine Fisher]]
| parents =
| children =
| signature =Cpmason-sig.PNG
| signaturesize =160px
'''Charles Perry Mason''' served two non-consecutive terms as [[mayor of Pensacola]], from 1947 to 1957 and again from 1963 to 1965.
Mason served in the Navy for 38 years, eventually attaining the rank of Vice Admiral. He retired from active duty in April [[1946]], first settling in Jacksonville, but soon returned to Pensacola, where he became Mayor of Pensacola in [[1947]].<ref>[ St. John's Cemetary - Pensacola's Heritage]</ref>
Mason died [[August 13]], [[1971 ]] and is buried at [[St. John’s Cemetery]].
Admiral Mason is the namesake of [[Admiral Mason Park]].
==Other images==
Image:MasonFiesta1954.jpg|Presenting a key to the city to "de Luna" in the Fiesta of Five Flags celebration, [[1954]]
Image:CPMason-Burns.jpg|Mason, left, greets gubernatorial candidate Haydon Burns at the Pensacola airport, March [[1964]]

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