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Bayou Boulevard

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'''Bayou Boulevard''' is an east-west road in Pensacola. From its western terminus at [[Springhill Drive]] eastward to [[12th Avenue]], Bayou Boulevard constitutes a major thoroughfare, carrying [[Florida State Road 296]]. Bayou Boulevard is named for [[Bayou Texar]].
East of 12th Avenue, Bayou continues as a two-lane, mostly residential road, closely following the eastern shore of Bayou Texar. It continues to carry Florida 296 until [[Perry Avenue]], which takes over Florida 296 heading due south, connecting to [[US Highway 90|US 90]] ([[Cervantes Street]]). At Perry, Bayou Boulevard continues slightly westward, still hugging the eastern shore of Bayou Texar. It is interrupted between [[Strong Street|Strong]] and [[Cervantes Street]]s (to make way from for the [[Bayou Texar]] boat launch). At Cervantes, Bayou Boulevard continues southeast until its eastern terminus at [[Chipley Avenue]].
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