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April 21

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{{date|April 20|April 22}}
*[[1838]] &ndash; [[Santa Rosa Island]] is reserved for naval purposes by executive order.<ref>''[ United States military reservations, national cemeteries, and military parks.]'' Government Printing Office, 1904.</ref>
*[[1862]] &ndash; [[Thomas Marshall Jones]] is made brigadier general under [[Braxton Bragg]].<ref>Bruce S. Allardice. ''[ Confederate Colonels.]'' University of Missouri Press, 2008.</ref>
*[[1908]] &ndash; [[Streetcar operators' strike]]: A crowd fires upon a [[streetcar]] on the [[West Hill]] line and fatally wounds the conductor, a Mr. [[G. Hoffman]].
*[[1985]] &ndash; [[Chuck Bates]] ends his service as acting [[Escambia County Administrator]].
*[[2002]] &ndash; [[Bob Halfhill]] ends his tenure as [[Escambia County Administrator]].
*[[1863]] &ndash; [[William Benjamin Wright]]
*[[2007]] &ndash; [[Kevin Davis]]
*[[1866]] &ndash; [[George Stone Hallmark]] to Leila White
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