Scottish Rite Masonic Center

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Scottish Rite Masonic Center
also known as the Perry House
Building Information
Location 2 East Wright Street
Engineer Charles F. Boysen
Current Owner First Methodist Church
Construction Start Date 1867
Renovations 1959 (addition)
Size Two stories
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30.417314" lon="-87.21621" zoom="16" width="300" height="250">

30.417064, -87.216039 The Perry House </googlemap>

The Scottish Rite Masonic Center, also known as the Scottish Rite Hall or the Scottish Rite Temple, and historically known as the Perry House after former occupant Edward A. Perry, is located at 2 East Wright Street.

Carl Frederick Boysen, a Danish sea captain, began construction of the house in 1867. It was still unfinished when it was purchased for $9,000 by Edward A. Perry, then an attorney, on August 26, 1882. He was elected as Florida's thirteenth governor in 1883 and continued to live there until his death in 1889. His widow sold the home to James Chaffin (again for $9,000) on April 25, 1900. It was used for many years thereafter as a boarding house.

The building was acquired by the Scottish Rite Building Association in 1922. A two-story annex on the north side of the house was added in 1959.

In 2007, faced with dwindling membership, the Scottish Rite Freemasons agreed to sell the property to the adjacent First United Methodist Church for $2.53 million. The church is embarking on a $5 million capital campaign for the building and the necessary renovations.

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