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Shortcuts in Pensapedia are a specialized type of redirection page that can be used to get to a Pensapedia reference page more quickly. Lists of available Pensapedia shortcuts can be found at LOSC (itself a shortcut for Pensapedia:List of shortcuts). This is a feature borrowed from Wikipedia that will likely not see widespread implementation until Pensapedia has grown much larger.


Example: #redirect [[Pagename]] {{R from shortcut}}.

How to use pensapedia shortcuts[edit]

A shortcut can be entered into the search box to quickly bring you to a reference page.
For example, you can type "R" into the search box and click the "Go" button to get to the "Redirect" reference page, instead of having to type "Help:Redirect".

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut in the URL (web address). For example, you are currently viewing the Pensapedia:Shortcut. The URL for the English-language page is:

You could get from here to the Help:Redirect project reference page by replacing "pensapedia:Shortcut" with "R" in the URL (web address) field (followed by "Enter").

Shortcuts are presented in all capital letters ("All-Caps"), but the search box is case-insensitive. For example, in the search box, you can type "r" instead of "R".

However, using the URL method typically requires that you match the capitalization of the shortcut itself.

Adding shortcut link boxes[edit]

A shortcut link box can be added to a page by placing {{Shortcut|[[WP:<x>]]}} at the top of the text while editing. A note from the "shortcut template" page:

Please do not use this template on other templates, e.g. to state that the shortcut to Template:Foo is in fact {{Foo}}. There's no need to state the obvious like that, each template uses its own name as a shortcut, by default.

Guidelines with shortcuts pointing to them typically use {{guideline|[[WP:<x>]]}} instead of {{Shortcut}}, for an example see above. Another example is {{Style-guideline|[[WP:<x>]]}}, see also Pensapedia header templates.

How to create a shortcut[edit]

For an existing page like Pensapedia:Template Standardisation create the desired new TS page with a single line: (example, this shortcut already exists)

#REDIRECT[[Pensapedia:Template Standardisation]] {{R from shortcut}}

Many shortcuts are acronyms while others are abbreviations, but technically they are redirections.

Changing shortcuts[edit]

Technically that's easy, click on the shortcut wherever it is, on the page it leads to (a shortcut is a redirect) click on the "redirected from" link (forcing &redirect=no), edit the target #REDIRECT [[Pensapedia:Whatever]], then add {{R from shortcut}} if that expression doesn't already appear. But there are some potential traps and pitfalls:

  1. If the shortcut is already listed on PP or a similar list like WT please update that entry showing the new target page.
  2. If the old target page mentions its shortcut, then that also should be updated, typically in {{Shortcut}} or similar Pensapedia header templates.
  3. Above all check the shortcut backlinks with "what links here"; changing a shortcut used elsewhere can be highly disruptive.
  4. If it has no backlink folks might still use it directly with search forms, if you're not 100% sure that the old target is unused; so ask about it on the shortcut's talk page.
  5. For controversial cases there is a "redirects for deletion" procedure RFD.

List of shortcuts[edit]

An incomplete list of shortcuts can be found at Pensapedia:List of shortcuts, and as expected this page has itself various shortcuts like LOSC, CUTS, or just PP.