Richard Miles Cary, Jr.

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R. M. Cary
Richard miles cary.jpg
Born May 19, 1861
Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Died February 10, 1925
Occupation Coal merchant, banker
Religion Episcopalian
Spouse Mary Ethel Wright
Parents Richard Miles Cary
Hannah Elizabeth Whiting Cary
Children Richard Miles Cary III
Margaret Ethel
George Archibald Cary
Elizabeth Whiting
Henry Hall Cary

Richard Miles Cary, Jr. (1861-1925) was the founder and president of Cary & Company.

Cary was also vice-president of the People's Bank of Pensacola and served as cashier, paymaster, auditor and secretary of the Pensacola, Alabama & Tennessee Railroad. He served in the Florida National Guard as colonel and inspector-general.