Presidential primary election, 2004

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Florida's 2004 presidential primary election was held on March 9, 2004. As the incumbent president, George W. Bush, was running for re-election on the Republican Party ticket, only the Democratic Party held a primary. A referendum on charter government in Escambia County was also on the ballot.

As Florida has closed primaries, Republicans and Democrats may only vote in their party's primary. Independents of those affiliated with minor parties may not vote in either primary, but were allowed to vote on the property tax referendum.

Escambia County[edit]

President of the United States[edit]

Democratic Party[edit]

Candidate % Votes
John Kerry 65.19 13,773
John Edwards 16.59 3,505
Al Sharpton 4.66 984
Howard Dean 3.81 806
Joe Lieberman 3.13 661
Wesley Clark 2.63 556
Carol Moseley Braun 1.58 333
Dick Gephardt 1.30 275
Dennis J. Kucinich 1.11 235

Referendum on charter government for Escambia County[edit]

  % Votes
NO 60.79 29,377
YES 39.21 18,952