Pine Street

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Pine Street
Former names: McClellan Street
West end: Barrancas Avenue
South Palafox Street
East end: South Jefferson Street

Pine Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola.

Most of Pine Street is located in the Sanders Beach area. From Barrancas Avenue, Pine travels eastward to South L Street, then is interrupted for two blocks. From South J Street to South F Street, Pine Street is unpaved and largely inaccessible, as it constitutes the southern border of the American Creosote Works Superfund site, which is undergoing environmental remediation. Pine continues uninterrupted to South C Street. The remainder of Pine Street is a short one-block span running from South Palafox Street eastward to South Jefferson Street.

Prior to the renaming of streets in 1906, Pine Street was called McClellan Street.