Pedro de Alba

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Pedro de Alba
Born 1762
Spouse Isabella Adelaide Rastel de Rocheblave
Victoria Lessasier
Children Pedro de Alba de Rocheblave
Two others

Pedro de Alba (anglicized Peter Alba) was a citizen of Spanish Pensacola who remained in the city following its transfer to the United States. He became president of the Pensacola Board of Aldermen in 1822 and served as the city's mayor in 1824.

Born in 1762 in Vélez-Málaga, de Alba immigrated to Pensacola in the early 1780s, not long after it was captured from the British, and began work at the Pensacola hospital as an orderly.

He was married on August 10, 1784 to Isabella Adelaide Rastel de Rocheblave. They had three children together, one of whom survived, Pedro de Alba de Rocheblave.

In 1786 de Alba was named majordomo in charge of admissions at the hospital.

In 1810 Isabella Adelaide died, and in 1813 de Alba remarried to Victoria Lessasier, widow of Lt. Col. José Noriega.