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Uploading images is easy at Pensapedia. Just select "Upload file" in the Toolbox module in the sidebar to the left. This will take you to Special:Upload, where you can select an image from your computer to upload. The "Destination filename" input box allows you to select a different name for the file than the one it has on your computer, if you wish. The "Summary" field should be used to leave comments about the image, such as the date, photographer, source, etc.

Image use policy[edit]

At Pensapedia, contributions are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, which allows anyone the ability to copy, redistribute and modify our content. In line with our license, images upload should adhere to a copyleft license such as the GFDL, Creative Commons licenses, or be in the public domain — with two exceptions we will cover below.

What is okay to upload[edit]

In layman's terms, adhering to the copyleft licenses above limits us to using the following types of images:

  1. An image that you yourself created, and are willing to release or license under one of the methods listed above
  2. An image that is in the public domain. This includes the following:[1]

What should not be uploaded[edit]

You should not upload the following types of images:

  1. An image that is copyrighted (see exceptions below).
  2. An image that you do not know the copyright status of.
    • In the instance that you believe an image is acceptable for use on Pensapedia but cannot ascertain for certain its copyright status, please contact an administrator or post on the Village pump for help.


There are two exceptions to the rules as laid out above:

  1. Fair use images. In short, "fair use" is when a copyrighted image is used for strictly illustrative and educational purposes and said use does not impede the copyright holder's ability to distribute, modify, or profit from the content. Pensapedia will allow "fair use" images to be uploaded. Some examples are:
    • Corporate logos
    • Low-resolution copies of copyrighted images when there is no suitable alternative
  2. Images which are copyrighted, but the copyright holder has granted express permission for the image to be used in Pensapedia. In this instance, the template {{CopyrightedPerm}} must be added to the image description page, and the copyright holder must be credited on each page in which the image is used.

After uploading[edit]

After uploading your image, please continue to the image description page and (if you haven't already) add an appropriate image copyright tag. Also, consider adding details such as the image's source, creator, date, description, etc. If you do not provide at least a source or some copyright status information, there is a good chance your image will be deleted.

Once you have finished documenting the image on its description page, you are ready to insert the image into an article. To do so, navigate to an article, open it for editing, and insert the following wiki code:

[[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Image caption]]

The above is just an example. The parameters can be modified as you see fit. The thumb parameter is optional; if you include it, the image will be presented in a thumbnail box, with space for a caption below the image. If you do not include thumb, the image will be presented as the image only. The right parameter as shown above would align the image to the right of the page. This can be changed to left or none. The 200px parameter as shown above would create a 200px thumbnail of the specified image. This can be changed to any size you wish, measured in pixels (px). Lastly, the Image description is where you enter a caption for the image. If you have included the thumb parameter, the image description will appear as a caption below the image. If you have not included thumb, then the image description will only be available as a tooltip to those who hover their cursor over the image. The image description can include wiki formatting such as bold, italics, and links.


  1. As Pensapedia is based in the United States of America, our primary concern and the primary focus of the public domain explanations herein is public domain as it is defined in the United States of America.