Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild

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Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild

The Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Guild is a established in 1973 "to provide financial support to the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra; to promote season memberships for the Orchestra Concerts; and to increase knowledge and appreciation of music throughout the community."[1] An earlier organization, the Ladies Auxillary of the Greater Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, existed with a similar purpose from 1956-1963.

The Guild currently has about 250 members, many of whom volunteer at the Symphony's performances or at the Tivoli High House headquarters.

The Guild hosts a number of fundraisers every year, the largest being the Magnolias and White Linen luncheon. The Guild also organizes the biannual Symphony Showhouse and arranges for the teenage Belles and Beaux who help usher at Symphony concerts.

Executive Board, 2008-2009[edit]

Past Presidents[edit]


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