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The Pensacola MESS Hall is a hands on science museum located in downtown Pensacola founded in 2012 by Megan Pratt and Jerry Pratt. The MESS Hall's mission is to inspire curiosity, experimentation, and creative problem solving through exploration of math, engineering, science, and stuff. The MESS Hall embraces the learner's need to "mess around" to learn fundamental concepts. A unique part of a visit to the MESS Hall are the mess kits, individual science activities with all of the materials needed to explore a concept. The MESS Hall is open to the general public year round for open exploration as well as for scheduled field trips. In addition, the MESS Hall has classes and camps. The camps have been awarded the Pensacola News Journal's Best of the Bay award in 2016[1]. In 2014 the MESS Hall received an Impact 100 of Pensacola to fund the creation of an outreach program called MESS Hall Express[2].

The Pensacola MESS Hall website.[3]