Movement for Change

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Movement for Change, Inc.
Mission To improve the prevailing disparities that exist in education, law enforcement, voting process, variations of juvenile intervention and un-addressed solutions.
Established 1997
Type grassroots activism
Location Center for Social Justice
1603 N Davis Street
President LeRoy Boyd

Movement for Change is a grassroots activism organization founded in 1997 to replace an earlier group, Progressive Alliance Community Equity Resources and Strategies (or PACERS), whose purpose was to rename Palafox or Alcaniz Streets to honor Martin Luther King, Jr (which had already been accomplished to a degree with the Martin Luther King Plaza on Palafox).

Some of the organizations accomplishments, according to its website, include:

  • Renamed Alcaniz Street to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • Initiated the change for a stricter dress code within the school system
  • Produced the symbolic and historical Drive for the Drive books, covering the 2 1/2 year struggle to name a street after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Sponsored "Back to School" readiness programs
  • Registered a significantly large number of new potential voters
  • Supported the renaming of the School District Building to Dr. Vernon McDaniel building
  • Provided voters with transportation to the polls
  • Created the establishment of "WE VOTE" political action committee
  • Supported teacher pay raises
  • Used its political savvy to initiate the City Council elected Mayor's referendum