Michigan Avenue

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Michigan Avenue
west end: Mobile Highway
Memphis Avenue
Clifton Avenue
east end: Palafox Street

<googlemap lat="30.4614" lon="-87.267151" type="map" width="288" height="250">

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30.461085, -87.300925 30.460512, -87.273502 30.460697, -87.272537 30.463823, -87.260585 30.463869, -87.259759 30.464063, -87.259802 30.468576, -87.24314 </googlemap>

Michigan Avenue is a major east-west thoroughfare in Pensacola.

From its western terminus at Mobile Highway (US 90) eastward to Pipeline Road, Michigan Avenue carries Florida State Road 296. At Pipeline Road, the four-lane span of Florida 296 transitions onto Beverly Parkway while Michigan Avenue continues eastward as a two-lane road until its eastern terminus at Palafox Street.

West of Mobile Highway, the roadway continues as Saufley Field Road (Escambia 296).