Loblolly Theatre Company

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The Loblolly Theatre Company is an independent theater company founded in 1999 by Yolanda Reed, Hunt Scarritt and Pat Simmons. It is named for the Loblolly Pine, a distinctly Southern tree.

The troupe's first production, a 70-minute, one-act play called "Miss Ississippi Mud," was written by Scarritt and directed by Reed. It opened on July 23, 1999 at the Five Flags Dance Academy.[1] The Loblolly Theater offers several innovative productions per year, often by local authors. In addition, the Company offers acting classes.

The company is now headquartered in the former chapel of the old Sacred Heart Hospital, above Madison's Diner. The venue lacks a traditional stage and seats only about 35 for most productions.[2] For tickets or other information contact them at (850)439-3010.


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