Jones Swamp

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Jones Swamp is a 1,300-acre nature preserve in southwest Escambia County, between Bayou Grande and Bayou Chico, centered around Jones Creek.

In (date needed), retired Walnut Hill teacher and farmer Glynn Key put up $20,000 of seed money to help Escambia County government start a stormwater treatment project in the Jones Swamp wetland area. The initial funds were parlayed into grants from the Environmental Protection Agency that have been used to build a stormwater retention pond — which will filter pollutants from the creek before they enter Bayou Chico — as well as observation decks and a boardwalk near Navy Boulevard.[1]

In May 2007, the Northwest Florida Water Management District awarded a $500,000 grant to the County to help restore the wetland habitat by removing levees that straightened Jones Creek and drained the swamp.[2]


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