Gimble Street

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Gimble Street
Former names: Alston Street
Magnolia Street
West end: Barrancas Avenue
South Palafox Street
East end: South Jefferson Street

Gimble Street is an east-west street in downtown Pensacola.

Most of Gimble Street is located in the Sanders Beach area. From Barrancas Avenue eastward to South F Street, Gimble is unpaved, and largely inaccessible, as it constitutes the northern border of the American Creosote Works Superfund site, which is undergoing environmental remediation. Gimble continues uninterrupted to South B Street. The remainder of Gimble Street is a short one-block span running from South Palafox Street eastward to South Jefferson Street.

Prior to renaming of streets in 1906, the street was called Alston Street. From 1906 to 1963, the street was named Magnolia Street.[1]


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