Gage Hill

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The ruins of Fort George atop Gage Hill circa 1870s

Gage Hill is a topographical feature in central Pensacola. It is the eponymous hill of the North Hill neighborhood, its highest point located roughly at the intersection of Cervantes and Palafox Streets. It was named for British General Thomas Gage. It was renamed Mount Miguel by the Spanish after 1781 and is also known as Palafox Hill.

Fort George was built atop the hill for its strategic advantage. It is now home to Lee Square.

    • Correction 5/23/2011, M. Thomas

Near the intersection of Brainerd and Baylen is a 95' summit; this is North Hill. The summit of Gage Hill is very near the intersection of Jackson and Palafox, and is about 70' above sea level.

Source: 1994 USGS Topographic Map, ISBN 0-607-88859-8