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Gaberonne is a residential area in east Pensacola along Escambia Bay. A marker in Gaberonne Swamp reads:

Old Punta del Gorda, skirted by Spanish ships of Maldonado 1540, de Luna 1559, Pez 1693, Ariola 1698. Spanish mission to Yamassee Indians nearby 1750 • In British grant to Wm. Aird and Benj. Wormell in 1760's; Spanish grants to Francis Gabarron 1780's, Marianna Bonifay, 1814. Bought by Francisco Moreno 1849, with title to son-in-law Stephen R. Mallory, later U.S. Senator and Secretary of Confederate Navy • Site of brick kilns of Carlos Lavalle 1820's, Abercrombie and Bacon 1855, Walter Kehoe 1870's • Acquired 1880 by Confederate veteran Manuel F. Gonzalez, grandson of Don Manuel Gonzalez and great grandson of Marianna Bonifay. Developed 1963 by Dodson, Leitch, Born families.