Domingo de la Anunciación

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Domingo de la Anunciación
Born 1510
Fuenteovejuna, Spain
Died 1591
Occupation Missionary
Religion Dominican Catholic

Fray Domingo de la Anunciación (born Juan de Ecija, 1510-1591) was a Dominican missionary who accompanied Tristán de Luna y Arellano in the 1559 expedition to Pensacola.

Previously he had been a missionary in Mexico and attended to natives during the hemorrhagic fever epidemic of 1545.

After the failed Luna expedition, he returned to Mexico and served in various capacities, including teacher, prior of two convents, master of novices, and definidor in various provincial councils. He also authored at least one text, Doctrina Xpiana Breve y Compendiosa &ca &ca (1565).

Fray Domingo became blind in 1585 and died six years later.