Charles V. Smith

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Charles V. Smith
Dr. Smith in 1904
Died December 29, 1943
Pensacola, Florida
Occupation Physician
Spouse Hennie Smith
Children Lorine Smith
C. V. Smith, Jr.
Gurie Smith
Olga Smith

Charles V. Smith was one of the first black physicians to practice in Pensacola.

A Pensacola native, Smith attended the famed Tuskegee Institute. After graduating from Meharry Medical College in 1894, Smith practiced medicine in Georgia and South Florida before returning to Pensacola around 1899.[1] By 1907, Smith had "the largest colored practice" in Pensacola, according to Booker T. Washington, who mentioned Smith in his book The Negro in Business, describing Smith as "a specialist" who "is highly regarded in his community."

In 1912, Smith served as president of the Pensacola Negro Business League, an affiliate of the National Negro Business League established by Washington in 1900. Smith was instrumental in organizing Washington's March 1, 1912 visit to Pensacola, presiding over the capacity crowd event at the Pensacola Opera House.

In 1918, Smith was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army.[2] That same year, Smith's daughter Lorine died of typhoid fever at the age of just 20.[3]

Around 1922, Smith and his wife relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, but later returned to Pensacola.

Dr. Smith died of a heart attack at his Pensacola residence, located at 306 East Chase Street, in 1943.[4]

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