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Confederate fort?[edit]

Perusing Journal articles I can across an article that reads as follows:

Main Street is Now Being Repaired Street Force is Making This Thoroughfare Passable Using Debris of Old Fort.

The eastern portion of Main Street, which has been impassable for years near the corner of Alcaniz Street is now being placed in condition by the street force, and incidentally the immence [sic] holes that existed and where stagnant water remained for weeks as breeding places for disease, are being filled in.
The debris and remains of an old Confederate fort, which but few knew...

At that point the article ends and I can't find it continued anywhere else in the issue (October 18, 1905). Anyway, thought it might be worth noting.

Interesting! I've found a few references about Fort McClellan, built in late 1862 by Union forces. This site says it was "[p]art of a chain of fortifications that ringed the city" in an inverted "V" shape. I guess the debris could have come from any of those. — admin • talk  13:20, 12 March 2009 (UTC)