Belmont Devilliers Building

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Belmont Devilliers Building
Building Information
Location 421 (originally 431) West Belmont Street
Current Owner Quint Studer
Construction Start Date 1911
Completion Date 1913 (opened)
Cost $55,000 (2005)
Renovations 1927, 2008
Style Masonry

The Belmont Devilliers Building is a two-story structure located at 421 West Belmont Street, in the heart of the Belmont-DeVilliers district. It was built in 1911 at the southeast corner of Belmont and DeVilliers Streets and has been home to many of the neighborhood's prominent businesses, including Gussie's Record & Variety Shop, which was the original home of the WBOP radio station. After the record shop closed in 1977, the building sat unused for decades and was purchased by Quint Studer in 2005 as part of his "Covenant with the Community." It is currently being renovated and will be home to the 5 Sisters Blues Café.