Astus S. Magee

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Astus S. Magee
Born December 28, 1878
Mount Olive, Mississippi
Died January 8, 1936
Pensacola, Florida
Occupation Physician
Spouse Beatrice Magee
Parents Ephraim Magee
Martha Magee

Astus S. Magee was one of Pensacola's first black physicians. He is the namesake of Magee Field.

Magee graduated from the Louisville National Medical College in 1910.[1]

Magee died of bone cancer in 1936 at his home at 1417 North 8th Avenue. At the time of his death, he had practiced medicine in Pensacola for 25 years, with his offices at 500 North Alcaniz Street.[2] Magee also operated a pharmacy called the Triangle Drug Company at the same location.


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