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The American National Bank was a major banking institution that operated in Pensacola from 1900 until (date needed). The ten-story American National Bank Building (today known as "Seville Tower") was Florida's first skyscraper when it was completed in 1910 and remains one of Pensacola's tallest buildings.


Established on October 23, 1900, the American National Bank had deposits of over $200,000 within its first year — and about as much in loans — making it the largest capitalized banking institution in Florida at the time.[1]

Its reserve agents included the Western National and Market & Fulton Banks of New York and the New Orleans National Bank.

The bank was initially headquartered in the corner office of the Pensacola Opera House at Government and Jefferson Streets (previously occupied by the First National Bank of Pensacola). It utilized a modern Mosler-Corliss safe with a double time-lock attachment.

The bank outgrew the Opera House within the decade, and in 1909 construction began on the ten-story American National Bank Building at the northeast corner of Palafox and Government Streets. At the time of its completion in 1910, it was the tallest building in Florida.


The American National Bank's board of directors regularly included some of the city's most prominent citizens and business leaders.




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