610 East Wright Street

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610 East Wright Street is an address in Old East Hill located on Wright between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. The building currently standing at this address was built in 1953. The current occupant is End of the Line Café.

Previous occupants[edit]

  • The 1894 city directory lists 610 East Wright Street as the residence of George W. Adams. Occupation listed as "Tinner, L&N shops".
  • Pendelton Grocery and Market (c. 1948, again 1954)
  • A&C Help Yourself Grocery (c. 1952
  • Home Supply Company (c. 1955)
  • Deluxe Superette Grocery (c. 1957)
  • Auction House (c. 1968)
  • East Wright Highlander Self Laundry (19681983)
  • Wright Color Carpets (c. 1992)
  • Sound and Picture Company (c. 1996)
  • On the Wall Advertising (c. 1997)
  • Van Gogh's Coffee House (19982002)