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William Lee

Not to be confused with William Franklin Lee

William Lee (1741-?) was a ship's captain who lived in British Pensacola and later served as a United States privateer; as a soldier in James Jackson's Revolutionary War legion; and as a justice of the peace and coroner in Richmond County, Georgia.


  • Birth March 15, 1741 Austerfield, England, United Kingdom Description: *Baptism 8/24/1744 (Age: 3) Austerfield, England, United Kingdom Description: *New York City August 21,1768 (Age: 27) New York City, NY * October 1771 (Age: 30) Linville Creek, Augusta County,Province of Virgina Description: School Master
  • Fort Necessity March 1773 (Age: 32) Farmington, PA 15437 Description: Ohio River country to Fort Pitts
  • Pensacola, Florida,June 1774 (Age: 33) , USA Description: Married, ran shipping businees
  • Marriage 1774 (Age: 33) Pensacola,Britsh West Florida to Charityprofessional resumes
  • Residence October 1780 (Age: 39) Burke County, Georgia, USA Description: Farm 100 miles from Savannah
  • Birth of Charolette lee 7Aug 1781 (Age: 40) Burke County, Georgia, USA Description: Bark Camp Creek, near Buck Head
  • Letters of Marque Oct 18, 1781 (Age: 40) Jamacia Description: Sailing on the Ship Molly captained by John Jordan
  • Captured By Pirate Captain Kelly Dec,23 1781 (Age: 40) Ireland Description: While serving on the ship Molley he was captured by the pirate ship Anti-Britton off Ireland
  • Recued By Royal Navy HMS Stagg 23 Dec 1781 (Age: 40) Dublin S, Ireland, United Kingdom Description: Retured to visit his Mother
  • Military 1782 (Age: 41) ga Description: Jacksons legion Revolutionary War
  • Justice of Peace Richmond county GA 1785 (Age: 44) Richmond CO, GA
  • County Coroner,Richmond County Occupation 1792 (Age: 51) Richmond County, Georgia, USA :
  • Death Of Charity Lee 8/28/1799 (Age: 58) Richmond county Georgia
  • Wrote a Book 1808 (Age: 67) published in UK Description: The true and interesting travels of William Lee


  • William Lee. The true and interesting travels of William Lee.T. and R. Hughes (London), 1808.
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