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J. Harvey Bayliss

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'''J. Harvey Bayliss''' was the [[mayor of Pensacola]] from [[19221921]] to [[1931]].
==Public service==
Bayliss worked for a time as a clerk under Pensacola City Attorney [[John B. Jones]] before becoming assistant city comptroller and later comptroller.
Bayliss was elected as a city commissioner in [[19221921]] and was thereafter appointed as mayor. At the time of his appointment, Bayliss, 28, was the youngest mayor in Florida. Bayliss served three three-year terms as mayor.
During his service as mayor, Bayliss also represented northwest Florida at the State Road Department, helping spur significant road development in Escambia County, including [[Scenic Highway]] and the [[Thomas A. Johnson Bridge]] over [[Pensacola Bay]].
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