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J. Harvey Bayliss

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{{Infobox Biography
| subject_name =J. Harvey Bayliss
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| date_of_birth =[[December 23]], [[1893]]
| place_of_birth =Pensacola
| date_of_death =[[September 15]], [[1954]]
| place_of_death =Pensacola
| occupation =[[Mayor of Pensacola]]
| religion =Methodist
| spouse =Lucille Bayliss
| parents =James E. and Elizabeth Bayliss
| children =One daughter
'''J. Harvey Bayliss''' was the [[mayor of Pensacola]] from [[1922]] to [[1931]].

==Public service==
Bayliss worked for a time as a clerk under Pensacola City Attorney [[John B. Jones]] before becoming assistant city comptroller and later comptroller.

Bayliss was elected as a city commissioner in [[1922]] and was thereafter appointed as mayor. At the time of his appointment, Bayliss, 28, was the youngest mayor in Florida. Bayliss served three three-year terms as mayor.

During his service as mayor, Bayliss also represented northwest Florida at the State Road Department, helping spur significant road development in Escambia County, including [[Scenic Highway]] and the [[Thomas A. Johnson Bridge]] over [[Pensacola Bay]].

The city also began operation of the city-owned [[WCOA]] radio station in [[1926]], during Bayliss' tenure.

==Personal life==
Bayliss was a active in the community, as a member of the [[Pensacola Chamber of Commerce]], the Kiwanis Club, the Knights of Pythias, the Elks, Woodmen of the World, Masons and the Shriners.

He died [[September 15]], [[1954]] and was buried in [[St. John's Cemetery]]. He was survived by his wife, Lucille, and a daughter.

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