Roberto Alvarado

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Roberto Alvarado
Alvarado's 18-wheeler teetering at the edge of a collapsed bridge span
Died September 16, 2004
Spouse Margaret Alvarado
Parents Consuelo Alvarado
Children Veronica, Robert Jr., Michael & Lisa Marie

Roberto Molina Alvarado was a truck driver for the Texas-based company Gregory Express who was killed during Hurricane Ivan on September 16, 2004 when his truck drove off a section of the Interstate 10 Escambia Bay bridge, spans of which had collapsed from the rising storm surge.

Alvarado, 46, was the son of trucker and started in the business as a teenager. He had a family in Toppenish, Washington. Against the warnings of his mother, he had agreed to haul a load of fruits and vegetables from Brownsville, Texas to Miami.

He got caught in the storm, but attempted to cross the bridge regardless. He drowned when the cab of his 18-wheeler detached and fell into Escambia Bay. Divers recovered his body on September 17.