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Welcome to the Community Portal. Not to be confused with the portal for the Pensapedia community, here you will find links to the categories and articles about the events, places, organizations and citizens that make up and contribute to the Pensacola community.


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Dinosaur Adventure Land entrance

Dinosaur Adventure Land is a Young Earth Creationist theme park located at 5800 Old Palafox Road. It was created in 2001 by evangelist Kent Hovind, in whose back yard the park sits, and hails itself as "the place where dinosaurs and the Bible meet." The park's legal troubles have been tied to those of Hovind himself, who failed to obtain proper permits during construction and was convicted of tax fraud for deliberately circumventing the law regarding the reporting of revenue and payment of employees. The park is still operated by other members of the Hovind family and their Creation Science Evangelism ministry, though several of the buildings have been closed by Escambia County authorities.


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Community Maritime Park

An aerial rendering of the proposed Community Maritime Park, by Pittsburgh-based Urban Design Associates, shows the placement of the development's features, including the stadium for the Pensacola Pelicans and the maritime museum.


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