Pensacola Daily News

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Pensacola Daily News
April 1900 issue of the Daily News
Type of publication Broadsheet
Managing editor John C. Witt
Publisher John O'Connor
John C. Witt
John Holliday Perry (1924-1985}
Frequency Daily
First Issue March 5, 1889
Headquarters Armory Hall
Pitt Building

The Pensacola Daily News was an evening newspaper founded in 1889 that eventually merged with the Pensacola Journal to form the Pensacola News Journal.


When John O'Connor's weekly paper, the Pensacolian, went out of business in 1889, he and John C. Witt approached a group of investors about starting a daily paper, selling fifty shares at $100 apiece. The resulting venture, the Pensacola Daily News, quickly found 2,500 subscribers and printed its first issue on March 5, 1889. The paper was produced by ten employees at the old Armory Hall, with O'Connor as managing editor and Witt as business manager. They pledged the Daily News "will be Democratic, conservative but yet sufficiently aggressive to give weight to its remarks."

In 1924, John Holliday Perry, who had bought the competing Pensacola Journal two years earlier, purchased the Daily News and merged the two papers' operations. The Journal remained a morning paper and the News and evening paper, with a combined Sunday edition called the News-Journal.

The last issue of the Pensacola News was published on May 31, 1985, after which the editions were merged as the Pensacola News Journal.