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Overview of the Wellge map

The Koch map is an aerial rendering of Pensacola created in 1896 by Augustus Koch and published by the Thomas C. Watson & Co. real estate company. The extremely detailed lithograph is a bird's eye perspective of downtown Pensacola westerly to Warrington.


Points of interest transcribed as written.

<gallery> Image:KochMap1.jpg|1 L. & N. R. R. Wharf No. 2 and Coal Dock. Image:KochMap2.jpg|2 Gulf Transit Co., Exporters. Image:KochMap3.jpg|3 W. B. Wright & Co., Saw Mill. Image:KochMap4.jpg|4 L. & N. R. R. Shops and Round House. Image:KochMap5.jpg|5 Gas Works. Image:KochMap6.jpg|6 Water Works Pumping Station. Image:KochMap7.jpg|7 Water Works Stand Pipe. Image:KochMap8.jpg|8 R. E. Lee Square and Confederate Monument. Image:KochMap9.jpg|9 Public School, No. 1. Image:KochMap10.jpg|10 Union Passenger Depot. Image:KochMap11.jpg|11 Freight Depot, L & N. R. R. Image:KochMap12.jpg|12 St Michaels Cemetry. Image:KochMap13.jpg|13 Seville Square. Image:KochMap14.jpg|14 Episcopal Church. Image:KochMap15.jpg|15 B. R. Pitt Co's Planing Mill. Image:KochMap16.jpg|16 Pensacola Electric Light Co. Image:KochMap17.jpg|17 Pensacola Manufacturing Co. Image:KochMap18.jpg|18 L. & N. R. R. Wharf No. 1 Elevator and Warehouses. Image:KochMap19.jpg|19 M. F. Gonzalez & Co., Grist Mill. Image:KochMap20.jpg|20 Cary & Co., Coal Yards. Image:KochMap20half.jpg|20½ Bright Ice Factory. Image:KochMap21.jpg|21. Stratton Ice Works. Image:KochMap22.jpg|22 First Baptist Church. Image:KochMap24.jpg|24 County Court House and Armory Annex. Image:KochMap23.jpg|23 Escambia Hotel. Image:KochMap25.jpg|25 Presbyterian Church. Image:KochMap26.jpg|26 Jewish Synagogue. Image:KochMap27.jpg|27 St Michaels Catholic Church. Image:KochMap28.jpg|28 Methodist Church. Image:KochMap29.jpg|29 Lutheran Church. Image:KochMap30.jpg|30 "Winter Rest" Hotel. Image:KochMap31.jpg|31 Thos. C. Watson & Co., Real Estate, Brent & Blount Bldg. Image:KochMap32.jpg|32 I. M. Hilliard, Carriage Factory. Image:KochMap33.jpg|33 Star Laundry. Image:KochMap34.jpg|34 Chamber of Commerce.
Young Men's Business League. Image:KochMap35.jpg|35 [[Odd Fellow's Hall. Image:KochMap36.jpg|36 U. S. Custom House & Post Office. Image:KochMap37.jpg|37 Merchants Hotel. Image:KochMap38.jpg|38 First National Bank. Image:KochMap39.jpg|39 Public Square. Image:KochMap40.jpg|40 Citizens National Bank, Clubbs Building. Image:KochMap41.jpg|41 Plaza Hotel. Image:KochMap42.jpg|42 Opera House. Image:KochMap43.jpg|43 National Hotel. Image:KochMap52.jpg|52 W. Hudson, Soda Water & Vinegar Factory. Image:KochMap53.jpg|53 Warren & Co., Fish Dealers. Image:KochMap54.jpg|54 [[St. Joseph's Catholic Church|St Joseph's Catholic Church. Image:KochMap55.jpg|55 Pensacola Gymnasium & Athletic Club. Image:KochMap56.jpg|56 St John's Cemetry. Image:KochMap57.jpg|57 U. S. Marine Hospital. Image:KochMap58.jpg|58 O. Bronnum, Planing Mill. Image:KochMap59.jpg|59 Pensacola & Perdido R. R. Wharf. Image:KochMap60.jpg|60 Tharp's Planing Mill. Image:KochMap44.jpg|44 City Hall. Image:KochMap44half.jpg|44½ Martinez Cigar Factory. Image:KochMap45.jpg|45 Pensacola Terminal Co., Depot and Offices. Image:KochMap46.jpg|46 Pensacola Ice & Fish Co. Image:KochMap47.jpg|47 E. E. Saunders & Co., Fish Dealers. Image:KochMap48.jpg|48 Creary & McClintock, Foundry. Image:KochMap49.jpg|49 Scandinavian Church. Image:KochMap50.jpg|50 Cosgrove & Co., Foundry. Image:KochMap51.jpg|51 Citizens Electric Light Co. Image:KochMap61.jpg|61 R. I. Brent & Co., Saw Mill. Image:KochMap62.jpg|62 Palmetto Beach & Base Ball Park. Image:KochMap63.jpg|63 Woolsey. Image:KochMap64.jpg|64 U. S. Navy Yard. Image:KochMap65.jpg|65 Warrington. Image:KochMap66.jpg|66 Fort Barrancas, U. S. Army Post. Image:KochMap67.jpg|67 Light House. Image:KochMap68.jpg|68 Fort Mc Rae. Image:KochMap69.jpg|69 Fort Pickens. Image:KochMap70.jpg|70 Marine Railway.

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