Florencio Commyns

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Florencio Commyns
Born Circa 1796
Occupation Escambia County Sheriff

Florencio Commyns, born circa 1796 in Pensacola, served as both Tax Collector and Sheriff of Escambia County beginning in 1830. He is believed to be the first elected sheriff (other records credit Ebenezer Dorr IV with that title), as well as the first native Pensacolian to serve in that position.

Commyns served as sheriff until 1837. Shortly thereafter, he was involved in an altercation in which he witnessed a man abusing one of his slaves. When the man refused to stop, Commyns shot him in the leg, took him to a hospital, and turned himself into the authorities. The man died the next day. Commyns was tried and acquitted by a jury on grounds of self-defense.

Notable cases


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Preceded by:
James Pendleton
Escambia County Sheriff
Succeeded by:
Jesse Allen