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Elmore Dixie Beggs, Sr.

Elmore Dixie Beggs, Sr. was an attorney and judge in Pensacola.

Elmore Dixie Beggs, Sr.
Judge dixie beggs.jpg
Born July 26, 1861
Madison, Florida
Died February 13, 1940
Occupation Attorney, judge
Religion Baptist
Spouse Lily Clubbs
Parents John M. and Anne E. Dunbar Beggs
Children Mary Beggs Johnston
Emily Beggs
E. Dixie Beggs, Jr.
Annie Beggs
Charles A. Beggs

Born in Madison, Florida, Beggs attended both the South Georgia Agricultural College and the University of Georgia before returning to Madison and going into the newspaper business. He became editor and publisher, and later owner, of the Madison Recorder. He eventually tired of the business and decided to pursue a career in law, and was admitted to the bar at Madison in 1886. After his father's death a year later, Beggs moved to Kissimmee, Florida, serving as attorney for Osceola County, attorney for the town of Kissimmee, president of the town council, and Mayor of Kissimmee.

Beggs remained in Kissimmee until 1896, at which time he moved to Pensacola. He married Lily Clubbs, daughter of prominent local citizen A. V. Clubbs, shortly thereafter. Beggs continued to practice law in Pensacola, and held the position of Judge of the Court of Record in 1896 and from 1902 to 1913. He also served as member and chairman of the Water Front Commission. In 1918 he was elected to the Escambia County School Board, on which he served until 1931, at which time he retired from his seat in order to focus on his legal practice. He retired from his practice in 1937 and died on February 13, 1940.

Electoral historyEdit

Escambia County Judge of the Criminal Court of Record, 1908Edit

This election was held on May 19, 1908.

DEM Elmore Dixie Beggs, Sr. 1,646 53%
DEM John Campbell Avery, Jr. 1,436 47%

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