Angus Murphy McMillan

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Angus Murphy McMillan
Born 1864
Santa Rosa County
Died March 6, 1919
Occupation Clerk of the Circuit Court
Real estate
Religion Methodist
Spouse Mattie Pou McMillan
Parents Neill Cuyler McMillan
Catherine Murphy McMillan
Children Cuyler Pou McMillan
Emmie Kate McMillan
Dimple McMillan Spofford
F. Gavin McMillan
Mattie Mae McMillan
Angus Murphy McMillan, Jr.

Angus Murphy McMillan was a prominent elected official in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Escambia County.

In 1892, at the age of twenty-eight, he was elected as Escambia County Tax Assessor, and subsequently re-elected in 1894. He was elected in 1896 as Escambia Clerk of the Circuit Court, serving from 1897 until 1909. During his tenure he "installed all of the latest systems applicable for the dispatch of all business promptly and to the satisfaction of the public … [and] indexing county records… [which] consumed a period of two years and covers the records of every transfer executed since 1822."[1]

He retired on January 5, 1909, entering the real estate business with partner C. N. McClure, and was succeeded in office by James Macgibbon. Prior to his death in 1919, he also served as Clerk of the Court of Record.


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