Blount Junior High School

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A. C. Blount Junior High School
Building Information
Location 113 North C Street
Client Escambia County
Current Owner Blount Redevelopment, LLC
Completion Date 1915 (Original J. B. Lockey School)
1937 (Blount Junior High expansion)
Size Two stories

W. A. Blount Junior High School was a junior high (or middle) school located at 113 North C Street.

Formerly the J. B. Lockey School, the school was expanded in 1937 and converted to a junior high school[1] and renamed for William Alexander Blount, Sr.[2]

The Escambia County School District vacated the building in 1982. Frank McGinley purchased the building "as-is" for $5,000 in 1996. McGinley intended to turn one of the campus' smaller buildings into a private residence for himself, while converting the larger 39,000 square foot building into low-cost apartments for the elderly.[3] However, McGinley was not able to finance his plans, and resold the property for $400,000 to Blount Redevelopment, LLC in 2004.

Blount Junior High's school newspaper was called Put It Blountly.[4]

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